About Us

This is me. Amber Michelle. I'm the one who writes the blog.
I like...
- Bubble baths
- my husband
- french fries
- psychology
- Trees
- Recycling
- Being Mormon
- Laughing Loudly
- sunflowers
- Good friends
- Sarcasm
- The Holidays

This is my husband. Jeffrey David.
 He may not write the blog, but he's the biggest fan.
he likes... (and he wrote this, NOT me)
- The south
- barbeque
- Panther Football
- Any football
- his wife
- Carolina Basketball
- Our dog Buddy
- The Church
- The Gospel
- Pampering Amber
- Snow
- Embarrassing Amber

We met at work. At the BYU bookstore. I was over a register, Jeff was a custodian who came to empty my garbage can. "it was love at first trash"...well, kind of. Four dates later Jeff finally held my hand, and the date after that he kissed me, and I was hooked. Until the day Jeff told me that he loved me, to which I said that's cool, but if you're planning on marrying me, you'll have to wait until I serve a mission and graduate from BYU. 

Obviously, Jeff won me over, and we were married August 15th, 2009. To read a more in-depth story about how we met, click here.