Friday, August 9, 2013

Reasons I love Portlandia

#10 Tillamook Ice Cream. Forget everything you know about ice cream. 

#9 I saw this in Portland, and I wasn't surprised. a metal horse statue that was urinating. 'Cause you know, ART. 

#8 This Pink Trolley. 

#7 This is a Sign that says Portland. 

#6 This kid Loves the beach. 

#5 I mean, this kid LOVES the beach. 

#4 Seeing cars like these is totally normal. 

 #3 this view is all around you, pretty much all of the time. 

#2 This Kid also happens to really love nature. and water. and dirt. and mud. 

#1 Nature. You don't have to go looking for it in Oregon, it's just all around you. 
I miss that the most. 

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