Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adventures at the Gym

So Jeff and I recently joined a gym. It has been SUCH  good investment in my physical and my mental health - I get to workout, and I get an hour away from maddie while she gets some great socialization at the gym's daycare.

However, every time I go, there is always something hilarious that happens. so much so that I'm thinking about starting a mini-series here on the blog.

Here was the first thing, posted about on my facebook:

So this week, to shake things up from being a failed ballet dancer, I decided to take a kick boxing class. Way more up my alley.
Except the class was in the middle of the day, so half of the class ended up being senior citizens, which wasn't a problem - they just used modifications. The class was still REALLY hard.
But at one point in the class, the teacher yelled out "time to go turbo!!!" which meant that we (the people my age) had to do everything in double time while the other half of the class just sat back and laughed at us.

In fact, they thought it was so funny that one woman, named barb, yelled out "that was great, do it again!"

so we did. and the seniors continued to laugh at us. They even demanded that we do it a third time.

No thanks, Barb. You try going turbo and then we'll talk.

Pilates is tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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